Crayola Beauty

Let me take you quickly back to the early ’90s when crayons “ruled everything around me,” and getting to crack open that 64 pack of Crayola’s in front of some of my classmates eyes was always a thrill especially, the one time I got the ultimate 120 Crayola pack; that semester Mom went all in on my creative. Crayola was always a colorful staple for me as a child and I am genuinely surprised that their now beauty brand addition hasn’t launched sooner. Yet, I digress it’s finally here!

The first launch of beauty products exclusively for and it includes 58 pieces (that are all vegan by the way) and range in price from $15.00 to $40.00. Products include highlighters, mascara, face and cheek crayons, palettes and brushes. Like the Crayola brand all the colors are highly pigmented with up to 95 optional shades, wowza! The nostalgia continues with not only the colors but, the packaging with crayon shaped highlighters and lips and cheek crayons that come in a trio pack, just like the classic yellow and green box. Colors like Strawberry, a delicious red, Very Cherry, medium red, Fuzzy Wuzzy, a dusty rose, Outer Space, a metallic pale blue, and Tumbleweed, a muted beige—all are classic Crayola crayon color names.

The colors are meant to be gender neutral and/or fluid according to a press release. Therefore, both men and women can wear the products respectively. You can see that exhibited in the photos below, Crayola has dipped its toes in the beauty realm before with previous collaborations with Sally Hansen (nail lacquer) and Clinique (lipsticks). Check out some of the look book below and get your hands on some Crayola Beauty here!