Cardi B. blessed our Monday night with the premiere of her visual for “Bartier Cardi” and it’s deliciously classic and everything anyone could imagine it to look like. Directed by the millennial directing prodigy Petra Collins you could only expect her stylishly vintage and color talents bringing Cardi B’s rambunctious track to life. The clip takes place in what could seemingly be a high-class bordello, full of pretty models or “ladies of the night” including budding young model Salem Mitchell dolled up, which digging her fingers into a two tiered cake with icing; mesmerized by Cardi B on performing on a scrambled antique TV screen, while debauchery and antics ensue around her.

Was that an EOS lip balm and Fashion Nova product placements you just spotted? Why, yes that was and I am just as perplexed at the obvious nature of the strategic placement as well. Nonetheless, the video isn’t diminished by their presence; perhaps Collins wanted to go all in with the ’80s aesthetic; since movies and TV shows were known to always have serious product placement advertising─this is could be a choice of genius.

Cardi B. allows herself the freedom to emote fun in whatever style or mood she’s in. In this heavily fashionable trip into a dreamy, glamorous world of night life in the big city takes no prisoners; down to the colorful statement furs she rocks to the serious Cartier jewelry she’s flooded in throughout the vid. Take a look at the glamorous life of Cardi B. in “Bartier Cardi” below.