Priyankah Chopra

Just when I thought that longing for the Gap brand’s musical advertisements of yester-year, if you can remember back in the late-90s and early aughts, Gap was the brand king of bringing together huge celebrities and musicians pairing them with their signature denims and forever white-tees to sing a classic alt-rock, blues or folk song to sell us on their brand. During that time it worked like a charm. However, within the past ten years retail brick and mortars have not been doing so well, and Gap has cut down, let go and revamped their teams tremendously to move along with the changing digital times of the new millennium we all live in.

Though, the 90s are still ruling our 2017, they decided to take a page out of their old trusty handbook and revert back to that undeniable concept, this time through the creative direction of Edward Enningful (recently promoted to Editor and Chief of British Vogue), whose diversity and innovation is a sure thing. Check out the host of celebrity actors and musicians favs from Priyankah Chopra, Yara Shahidi to Wiz Khalifa and top model Adwoa Aboah singing and dancing along to Boney M’s version of the 1970s classic Sunny—in those forever favorite, classic white t-shirts and blue denim jeans, that Gap is known for. It was also produced in that unforgettable blanket white studio.

Side Note: According to Enninful, he wanted to showcase “authenticity and people living their truths” in the film. Watch the video, below: