Our Holiday Wish List 2017

Ziggi B. (Co-Founder and EIC)

1). Luxury Train Journey Through Switzerland
2). UGG – White Fluff Momma Mongolian Fur Boot
3). Gucci – Ophidia embroidered medium shoulder bag
4). Read a great book at least once a month for all of 2018
5). Visit my home town more.

Fanon’s (Content Director) Xmas Wish List:

1) A luxe fragrance (Margiela, Bond, Creed, etc)
2) A unique pair of designer spectacles (Gucci or Cartier)
3) A shearling fur coat
4) Recreational Legality Nationwide
5) Trump’s Impeachment

Lindsey’s (Senior Beauty Editor) Wish List:

1) ARTIST COUTURE X JACKIE AINA Diamond Glow Powder in “La Peach”
2) Tom Ford Lip Color in “Autoerotique”
3) Essence Fest 2018 New Orleans Vacation
4) Trump’s arrest and impeachment (god willing) lol

Kim Sheree (Senior Fashion Editor) Wish List:

1). Unity
2017, was a rough year in many ways…and a lot of heartache & tragedy could have been avoided if humanity could just learn to unify for good & progress. In a time when there’s so much division, it would be a great gift to the world if we could come together in a positive way more often. All 6+ billion of us only have this planet & the now to make the world better for future generations…instead of coming together in hate & separatism, imagine what we could do if we came together in positive growth & change.

2). The Frame TV by Samsung
As a lover of all things tech, it’s been cool seeing how much tv technology has changed. To discover that a TV set can now become a work of art is even cooler. Along with different frame options (so it blends seamlessly into your gallery wall), this tv comes with an “art mode” in which you can upload stunning images of art or your favorite photos. Blank black screens are so last year.

3).  Fenty Pointed Creeper (in patent leather)
Rihanna’s 1st Puma collection was a breath of fresh air for an iconic, yet somewhat under the radar brand. Each season sent has debuted some of the dopest footwear & this most recent collection is no exception. Loving these creepers for their versatility & fresh take on a classic sneaker look.

4). The King of Style: Dressing Michael Jackson by Michael Bush
This book is the pinnacle of all things fashion & all this MJ. It’s basically an encyclopedia of how style, personality, talent, & performance all came together to create Mike’s iconic looks. Written by Jackson’s longtime stylist & designer friend, The King of Style gives us a glimpse into the world of style that was so unique & so…Michael.

5). Pendleton Blanket
Not new to the world, but fairly new to me are the stunning patterns & quality of Pendleton goods. I’d love to add one of their vibrant throws to my never ending quest for optimum coziness. Not only are there so many great patterns to choose from, but the company also works closely with Native communities in showcasing the art & design of Native American artists.

Jessie V. (Culture Contributor) Wish List:
1).  A keyboard to record and make music with
2). Over the knee boots (ideally for a 5’10 female that also don’t  drop when I walk)
3). Black leather jacket (the perfect item to dress up or down so many outfits)
4).  Speakers (whether I’m listening to Maitre Gims (a french rapper) or Jay-Z, I want it to be with the proper sound quality)
5). Pop filter (if you’re going to make music, make it right)
6). New timberland shoes, they might be a NY thing but they’re truly universal
7). Access to a bakery!! This might be the most french thing about me but if I don’t get a baguette or a religieuse au café soon, I am going to SCREAM!

Aja Patrice (Co-Founder and Chief Creative Director) Wish List:

1). A 7 tier fancy mini cake from Flour Shop for N.Y.E.
2). Self-Care Wish list:
    a. Do and finalize what I say I’m going to do or don’t say it at all.
   b. To finally take the leap to cut and dye my hair platinum blonde in ‘18
3). Gucci Cardigan Sweater and monogram Socks
4). For Democrats to take back the Senate and House in 2018
5). A pair of marshmallow cowboy boots from Off–White