Summer Solstice Vibes (L) Jazz Raycole (R) Yazmin Monet

It’s finally here! The beginning of summer and some of the longest days of the year. What can you do to be more mindful and self-caring for the next few eventful early days? See some cool ideas below and let the summer begin!

Self-Care in the Sun

The day starts early and stays “lit” for the much longer so, why not get up early watch the sunrise and take a nice quiet walk around your neighborhood. It’s so cool when you can be up before other people and even before some of the stores around open. It’s quite peaceful.

Keeping on the theme of quietness, today would be a perfect time to mediate outside. If you have a patio, balcony, safe park close by or even if you live near the beach. Take 30 minutes before your morning starts or perhaps as your day is winding down to meditate. Focus your breathing, (in and out), close your eyes for a few moments or intervals and “relax, relate, release,” as the sun beams down on your face and body.

Not a meditator? Well, how about sleeping under the long summer night sky with the stars! This is the best excuse to use if you ever wanted to go camping if you don’t leave near Yellowstone or a nearby campsite, the Poconos or Joshua Tree (for our California Rebels), or a nearby campsite; make a makeshift bed in your backyard, deck or the rooftop (if you have access) of your apartment. Imagine having just the cool summer breeze, the sky full of beautiful twinkling stars and you. It’s a wonderful way to spend an evening in nature…wanderlust will for sure ensue.

Outdoorsy and Active

Get motivated by working out, outside. Exercising outdoors can not only be invigorating but, also a great jumpstart to your day, provide inspiration for your day being in nature and even help uplift your spirit. If you have a bike, ride it and invite some of your friends to come along. If you’re not even into exercising outdoors, how about walk to dinner with your beaux or to happy hour with your girls. You’ll get in some exercise without even thinking about the physical task. The nighttime is always cooler and would be perfect for a comfortable walk around the city.

Water and Sun Can Go Hand and Hand

Yes, fire and water maybe have their issues regarding how they’re opposites of the element spectrum. Nevertheless, you were born to live within both, so why not go the beach, go for a swim in the nearest private pool if you have access) or public swimming pool around you. Take a dip in freshwater lake or a salty ocean, it will be joyous.

The longest day of the summer, should revel in the act of enjoyment, have a little barbeque, and grill some fresh fish or lean poultry with some tasty colorful veggies on the grill. Like peppers, corn and maybe even artichoke. Invite some friends over, have a frosty, slushy alcoholic homemade beverage and vibe out.