Through his undeniable drive and talent, it’s safe to say that Miguel is filling the void Prince has left behind. Hear me when I use the phrase fill the void and not take his place. There was and will only be one iconic Prince, and there is only one Miguel. While he sets to bring us his fourth studio album entitled War and Leisure (December 1st), upon his preparation this could be his greatest musical contribution to date. Why? Well, let’s start from what Miguel has already given us, his previous work spans from contemporary R&B in his debut album Sure Thing (2010) where he provided slick R&B, eclectic soul grooves with his introduction. He than returned with his sophomore album Kaleidoscope Dream (2012) that featured the hit (amongst many) “Adorn”, that  track began Miguel’s ascension into Prince’s talent territory, with electric guitars, falsetto’s and oozy love songs that make for the perfect album mix of wonderment, funk and sexy dreams. Miguel kept up his steam and pushed even further with the now coined genre alt-R&B; while, introducing us to the album Wildheart (2015) that mixed electric sex, rock and roll and soul in one uniquely Grammy award winning project.

Bringing us to his current playful, upbeat project in War x Leisure. Miguel has already  provided us with a chilled party anthem in the debut single “Sky Walker”, and just a few weeks out from his official album drop, he’s given us a pure taste of an ode to Prince through his eyes, vocals and artistry. His latest single Told You So, gives off an electric rock and roll vibe with strong soulful influences that we’ve come to know of, through Prince yet provides his own mixture of saucy hooks, escalating scales and seamless power vocals. Miguel consistently carves out vivid dream worlds full of sonic illustrations through his music, that are not only moody psychedelia but seriously infused soul that you’d see from his predecessor George Clinton.

Along with his new single drop Miguel has given us a theatrical visual that takes the song to new levels. The clip takes Miguel to the desert, that looks more dystopian than its natural state, he arrives with other people in an old station wagon seemingly escaping from the worlds catastrophe and, dancing for his life. All of them have escaped madness and are covered in dust, dirt and soot from what can only be from bombs of some sort. Miguel’s “Told You So” is a proclamation and perhaps a premonition of what’s to come (and has already begun) in the destruction and dismantling of our real society’s political state, tapestry and overall climate; since, the election of Donald Trump. Including, everything that’s happened and continues to occur in this country. We don’t have to see people actually die or be blown-up to know what his surreal visual means.

Miguel continues to creatively top himself and I am just here for the ride, watch the new video vibe below and listen/buy to his new single here.