Gavin Turek

There is something about a whimsical young woman, where you can’t quite put your finger on where she’s taking you but, you have to follow. That is singer/artist Gavin Turek and with much anticipation her fans have been patiently waiting for her debut album; set to finally drop this summer! Turek’s sound is full of disco feels, sparkly whimsy, funk, soul and power filtered through her tantalizing vocals. Not to mention, she’s full of fashion forward vibes.

If Diana Ross and disco music had a millennial baby, Gavin Turek is the total embodiment of its genre; in a 21st century form. She sings, dances and rules every live stage in which, performs on; with sweat, shimmy and pure glittery body-rolling energy. Since 2013, Turek has been spoiling her listeners and fans with singles and EP’s that have been building up to her finally debuting a full length album, set to be produced by Passion Pit and Childish Gambino’s producer Chris Hartz. A key inkling that this album will get bodies moving.

In “Elevator,” the first single off of Gavin Turek’s upcoming album, both the track and visual are equally delicious; and, is sonic preparation for what’s to come. It’s filled with rising up-tempos beats and popping bass grooves as Turek sings lively over the track, about being medicinally elevated to a euphoric state; while, enticing a beau to come along for the ride. While, the new visual directed by Hana Ardelean of Tiger Tiger Studio, aesthetically embodies the term elevator, with Turek running around the streets of downtown Los Angeles in a vibrant, red ruffled frock, a sleek and hi-shine low bun paired with oversized statement hoops. It’s all very much a mood.

Watch and listen to the new vibe below, at this rate Turek’s new album is going to have our summer wrapped up!