H.E.R. is truly a masterful singer, musician and talented performer; it’s amazing that she’s barely twenty-one, (we’re on the eve of her actual birthday). Nevertheless, her music is far beyond her youthful exterior and reaches those of the past and present she brings forth through every note she belted out and/or string she plucked on her electric guitar. If you don’t know about H.E.R. (Having Everything Revealed) whose real name is Gabrielle (Gabi) Wilson, you’re late. Though, her introduction was put on full blast at Sunday nights 2018 BET Awards, where she and her counter duet partner Danielle Caesar (who’s beautifully talented in his own right) blew everyone out of the arena with their hit song “Best Part.”

H.E.R and Daniel Casear

It’s truly refreshing to hear from such natural and bold talent, within the juggernaut of music’s teen hip-pop angst years we’ve somehow entered. H.E.R boarders the line of a veteran entertainer while bellowing out fresh and youthful nostalgia of queens like a young Whitney, a younger Beyoncé,  Jill Scott or Lauryn Hill mixed in with her own spiced musical assault that, only an unforgettable icon like Prince could possibly captivate and convey in tandem through her musicianship.

There’s no telling where her musical and youthful genius will lead us; though, it’s best we prepare ourselves. Check out H.E.R’s bold and timely performance with Daniel Caesar HERE.