Holidaze Hangover

The winter holidays have now concluded; the fruitcake is stale and those tasty cocktails are flat. In order to ease you back into the reality and out of holiday mania, let us collaborate with your self-care regimen through music. Don’t forget that tall soy dirty chai from Starbucks; you might want to make it a double shot of espresso. Perfecto!

Good music can be an awesome relaxation mechanism and we can definitely sympathize with having a killer hangover or needing to cure the end of the holiday blues. That’s why we made this playlist just for you, vibes ranging from Childish Gambino to Diana Ross, SZA to Stevie Wonder; here are 25 tracks to cure your holiDAZE. Every once in a while, you just need some dope soothing sounds to relax your mind…queue Tribe Called Quest, Electric Relaxation.