Nicki Minaj didn’t waist anytime in providing us with a visual clip for her single “Chung-Li” featuring just her solo with just her cell phone camera and a neon pink lit studio lounge area. It’s very intimate, voyeuristic tongue & cheek selfie video that was a perfect tease from Minaj. While we anticipate her next move and wait eagerly for more visuals and more new music there is an album on the horizon as Minaj herself confirmed any speculation today with her latest tweet.

Since, her reintroduction and double single debut last Thursday, Nicki Minaj as been seen flexing at week one of Coachella with the likes of Shania Twain, The Weeknd and Quavo (to name a few), as random as the photo that captured this epic moment could be we can be sure to expect the unexpected from this darling Barbie and Hip Hop Queen.

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