Amandla Stenberg

Actor and youth activist Amandla Stenberg is will be starring in a new film that’s all about her being a superhuman teen activist in The Darkest Minds, adapted from the best-selling novel by Alexander Braken. Where the world is in a dystopian state and the majority of youth succumbed to a plague like illness. The superhuman teenagers are now a threat declared by the government and are sent to working camps. Where Stenberg plays Ruby a 16-year-old rebellious girl and becomes one of the most powerful heroes in leading the revolt against the corrupt government.

“Ruby’s a pretty normal kid before the plague hits. She has a very loving relationship with both of her parents. But, when it hits, something happens at her own hands that greatly changes her life,” explains Stenberg of her character to Entertainment Weekly.

It’s no wonder this type of film genre has entered into our atmosphere, as our political and environmental climates continue to heat up and change every day; the children of our future will be the ones left to deal with it. Children and teen youth have always been a part of and/or the leaders of many movements in the history of this country and our world as whole. It’s not a farfetched thought that teenagers could be our saving grace in taking down the evils that lie beneath and right in front of us; and Stenberg’s the perfect young woman to take on such a fantastical role. Catch The Darkest Minds in theaters August 3rd and watch the new trailer below.