Marc Jacobs has officially ended another successful New York Fashion Week and his new spring collection was well worth the wait. Since the actual runway show was an hour late and while rumors (could they’ve been waiting for the final look to arrive?) continue to swirl about the reason; the night was really about the collection. Where each look that walked across the runway, was a strategic flavorful delight of fancy and confection. Bold and beautiful pastels, magnified by its oversized silhouettes and accessories that played integral parts in tying each look together from head to toe.

Blazers with sharp, over-sized shoulders providing a true ode the era and tailored masculinity of the Dick Tracy, during the ‘30s and ‘40s including Jacobs’s bold use of color and embellishments like the use of shimmering green high-waist trousers; while intertwining delicate femininity with the use of silk florals around the neck.  When at the other end of Marc Jacobs spectrum were colored, abundantly layered and feathered frocks that resemble the tastiest of sherbets that cleanse your palette between a four-course meals , then you just skip to desert. Which was the over-sized silk floral appliqués; it’s the most elegant circus you’ve ever seen. See our favorites looks from the collection now.