Seriously, this place looks like a fairytale pop-up book.

What is considered your personal style?

I was chronically challenged, or so I was told. I didn’t have like a sense of style as far as anyone was concerned; before there were hipsters and bohemian dressing I was told I looked like a bum. Therefore, my style is not really about anything, it’s just about the way I want to dress and the way I want to feel and some of that coincides with location and where I grew up. Like, I was a tomboy as a kid with jeans… I love jeans, I love denim;“those are good jeans you have on now,” I remarked. Jennah, replied “oh these are vintage, that’s another thing. I predominately wear vintage because of how it’s built and constructed.”

Fast Fashion killed the atelier…🍔 🍟

I stopped buying fast fashion for the most part. It’s just as bad as fast food. It’s built to destruct and make you feel acceptable in a lot of ways. I never been acceptable therefore, I’ve never felt the need to buy in to it. H&M has great pieces from time to time so, I’m not opposed to it. Vintage last longer even though it’s already old, it looks so, good. I mean jeans in particular, especially for my hips and my shape; most jeans are not built for my shape. When I was younger flea markets and vintage stores were a part of my Mom and I’s relationship; so part of it is hunting for used pieces. I would say my style [now that I’m talking it through] airs on the vintage “songwriter era,” the ’70s. Seventies vintage, with an added sort of being a hip hop kid. You know like there’s no denying that part of myself, it’s a lot of things.

Do you have any favorite designers that you like to wear or anyone who you’d want to wear? Even if they’re not in your closet now.

I’ve always loved Free People, and love new upcoming Japanese designer Lirika Matoshi, her pieces are dreamy with a bit of edge. It’s funny because I mainly shop online. Any specific websites? Only on Esty, I almost exclusively shop on Esty. I think I have over 3,260+ items saved in my Esty. Those things I would have for a lifetime, and it’s worth it because they all have a story. I love clothes with a story —my style, is clothes with a story.

You like daisies, too? [Looking through her Etsy saves]🌼🌼

I love daisies, my great-grandmother’s name was Daisy and now they keep popping up. I really like clothes, and apart from being more inhibited regarding showing my arms and legs it’s really about my love for clothing. So, I’ll wear a sheer skirt but I’ll be fully covered.

Now you did say you were raised Muslim, do you still consider yourself a practicing Muslim or of the Islamic faith?

Culturally yes, religiously not a whole no.

I don’t know if it’s a generational thing but, I grew up in church and part of my family is Muslim, as well. I notice nowadays that millennials tend to look at religion from a more spiritual POV than religious (where I have to go “here” to worship)

My practice is very personal in this part of my life. (As it should be).

“You have a bag with you,”

Yes, a Le Labo bag, the company I used to work for.