Its winter, the hawk is out and the forecast has everyone’s head spinning as the weather flips irrationally everyday. In January we all want to bundle up in outerwear thats not only warm and functional but, can work from day to night. Though, in Jack Frost’s House of Chill you can be stylish, too. Here’s where “The Definitive Long Wool Coat” Theory or (TDLBWC) comes in. I briefly chatted about this in our story about the unforgettable autumn looks from the classic film,  Love Jones. This story is solely about TDLBWC, and why it is truly one of those key forever outerwear pieces to have in your wardrobe now.


Wool is a heavier, durable fabric that can withstand most if not all of winters best cold shots. Though we never thought about how truly divine that of long black wool coat can be. The pairing you can do, the accessories and the overall chic look it can show off when you wear it. For any occasion. The theory that a singular statement coat can can make your entire wardrobe for the season isn’t farfetched. Especially, when it’s the most neutral color on the color wheel (black). The style icon Rhianna knows just how fitting a TDLBWC can be, as she has been spotted wearing one on many occasions. It’s truly a forever statement piece that deserves to be in your wardrobe for years to come. Check out a handful of coats below to get your inspiration flowing now. 

The Definitive Long Black Wool Coat Theory