Dapper Dan x Gucci

The wait is now over for the highly anticipated and coveted Gucci x Dapper Dan collection that was initially only available at the Gucci store located on Wooster Street in New York City. A hard fashion pill to swallow if you weren’t able to get to the one sole location to indulge in the deliciously dope designs.

With some luck and a sprinkle of magic from the fashion gods up above, the complete collection is finally available for purchase on Gucci.com and multiple Gucci boutiques around the U.S.

The designs are a “Guccified version of the original Dapper Dan aesthetic,” according to the press release that details their partnership and collection. Additionally the release expresses that “the new collection is an extraordinary example of fashion sampling, and explores the synergy between the magpie design philosophies of both Dapper Dan and Alessandro Michele (Creative Director for Gucci.)”

The collection offers a bold and broad mixture blend of pieces that not only pay tribute to the iconic and unique streetwear guru; Harlem’s most exquisitely dressed tailor in Dapper Dan, it also flexes the coolest attributes that the Gucci brand has been bringing since Michele took the helm creatively in 2016. Including sweat suits with Gucci’s oversized double G logos, leather oversized belted bags (fanny packs), floral pattern silk scarfs, leather and embellished bomber jackets, high-top leather logo enhanced sneakers and of course, shades! The very classic oversized ‘80s frames with Dapper Dan in gold lettering alongside Gucci on the temples.  It’s safe to say the wait was well worth it, this retro-future collection is a dream and Dan x Gucci has made it a reality. Take a look at the look book below and cop some pieces for yourself at Gucci.com