A Luminary Shooting in The Dark, Viaa Dazzles

As the crowd mingles amid groovy house music blaring in the background, the smoke machines come on filling the chamber into a foggy haze of strobing fluoresce. The DJ checks in, her stage is set; a microphone stands at the center with nothing else. A spotlight beams down on the left entry corner and someone shouts, “Everybody get up!”

Blame it on the endless pursuit of instant gratification sought by almost everybody these days. Seeing what looks like overnight success seemingly “work” repeatedly, any value on the actual work ethic that makes for commanding a room is diminished for most kids. Though, there exists a fringe if you will: a cohort of creative minds producing a new wave of culture that is fresh yet redolent, where there remains an appreciation for interminable grinding. A rising leader of this collective is singer-songwriter Viaa, independent artist based in Los Angeles whose profuse talent and drive have already garnered the attention of the industry powerhouses and an impressive following of supporters; we tried to put you on a while ago!

As our very first Rebel Star of The Edit, Viaa spoke with us briefly about her creative process crafting her debut as well as what inspired some of the stories listeners will hear on The Viaa EP.

On her inspiration to sing and make music:

“When I first began making music, I was sort of motivated by my everyday life: instances of joy, sadness, melancholy, all sensationalized into fantasies. The first song I recorded for the EP was “Hurt So Good,” which is kind of about the anxiety with being social living in LA. There’s always something to do and people pressure you to go out but sometimes you don’t want to. There is satisfaction in staying in but then, FOMO (Fear of Missing Out) comes into play; and, there’s a lot of opportunities out there. You don’t want to stop getting invited. There has to be balance.”

On what she hopes listeners, especially young women, take from her music and her prowess:

“They (women) should always feel empowered and know that they are enough. You don’t have to wait for anybody to validate you and the life you see for yourself is attainable. You don’t have to live by any “societal norms” of what people think you should be. Be loud and opinionated. Be sexually expressive. Show off your skills. We are far more powerful than some people make us out to be.”

Viaa, featuring the smash singles “Crash” and “Hurt So Good” is now available for purchase and on all streaming platforms. Go listen and lend some appreciation to tastemakers like Viaa who actively preserve the value of hard work and undeniable talent. Our favorite tracks go back and forth between “Run Around” and “Shooting in the Dark.”


Check out the trailer to and Viaa EP below:
Listen to The VIAA EP Here
Watch The Viaa on IGTV Here

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