The Emo Trappings of the Holidays & Other Stories

The most seminal time of the year and let’s face it—December is here again! If you’re reading this then you’ve made it through, with perhaps only a few bumps, bruises or maybe just in a better head-space than we’ve been in during the last 357 days of this year. When the classic Mariah Carey song “All I Want For Christmas,” hits every sound system in any mall (yes, those brick and mortar relics still exist and always provide the greatest feelings of nostalgia). Wherever you hear it, you know it signals the beginning of yummiest time of the year.

Everyone around us seems happier, brighter and more jovial just because. It’s an amazing thing that happens every year. Moreover, as we approach the New Year where can we place those feelings, thoughts of emotional goodness that happens around this season? Then make it more tangible in 2019, while continuing it forward in a more impactful way?

Considering this thought, could we still keep some of those joyful feels into 2019 for ourselves? While most of us will continue the tradition of making resolutions and mood boards, there is always uncertainty. The old adage “nothing lasts forever,” is all but too honest having many of us working to keep the spirit of the season going. From the music we play, the decorations we place around our homes to the confections we devour, all the dazzling, shimmering looks we rock to party in, goes into the effort to remain JOYFUL.

Happiness is not by happenstance, it’s often a constant, conscious effort to perform; especially, during the holidays. Nobody can be happy all the time. We’re all human and that’s okay. What we can do is attempt to be more connected to ourselves and to the people around us. Creating connections of intentional positive thoughts that, can lead to affirmative actions in the New Year to come.

Actions that lead to completing things you’ve wanted to finish all year long. We can place unnecessary stress on ourselves when we approach the end of the year. Especially, if we haven’t accomplished everything we wanted to, we have to live with that as just a moment—to reflect on how it could be completed in the New Year to come. If we treat time like a reminder of constant movement rather than finality, we will all be a lot happier in just performing the actions, efforts in taking the steps to get there.

The time is now to do so, just before the clock strikes midnight on 01/01/2019. We are about to be in 2019 y’all! Here’s to the many new steps, leaps, moves and moments we all will be taking in the New Year. Stay tuned throughout this holiday season into the month of January for new inspiring stories, content, visuals and more from Rebel Muse until then, have a wonderful Holiday Season.

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