What is Fraîche?

The spread has a bit of everything you need: confectionary life slices, great company, destinations galore, and all the flavors that shape the undeniably •fresh• cultured woman. Any allergies we should know about??

Fraîche is For The Leisurely and Luxe Woman.©

Fraîche, LLC., is a website, multimedia platform and company that was originally established in 2013 and founded by sisters Ziggi & Aja. In their view, there was a void within the fashion and beauty industry from a cultural aspect—which they sought to fill.

“We weren’t seeing the people, images, visuals and stories that we were most interested in reading about and indulging in as often, as we’d like to. Therefore, our love for the medium drew us to create something to fill that space.”

Our new and burgeoning Fraîche platform was created as an overall beauty and lifestyle consortium that exists to publish edits, stories, feature pertinent artist interviews and the Hi-Key curation of beauty products, fashion and la belle vie as it continues to elevate within our culture.