Donna Summers, Italy December 31st, 1975

Today, we’re celebrating the unforgettable Queen of Disco, and songbird Donna Summer 71st birthday! Her loose barrel waves were a signature style throughout her career, and have stood the test of time. The late, great and luxurious Donna Summer illuminated the stage with her music and songs of love, oozing passion, sex, fierce femininity and fun. Her style was bold, lush and often romantic, so naturally her mane had to compliment her music.

From the soft deep waved bob, to the large winding tresses she flexed on stage as she serenaded massive audiences, all over the world. In her more personal photos at home in Beverly Hills, California speaks volumes to her leisurely luxe lifestyle and the admiration she had for the finer things in life; including, her framed soft spiraled tresses. Ms. Summer’s mane was never caught unkempt, a visual adoration of feminine beguiling. To mimic her beautifully grand crown now, is how we can honor her legacy, as a singer and icon in music.

We’ve pulled together our favorite hair moments from Ms. Summer’s early years and some of our most beloved songs from the forever-iconic woman and style rebel. It’s our way to celebrate her life as we remember her earth day. We’ll always💖 Donna Summer.