We’ve been on a bit a cloud of visual art love from Solange all day, since she relaunched her website this morning. Well she’s blown us away (again) with her stunning photo she posted via her instagram. Commenting under the photo with “Patrice is MOM” referring to 80’s R&B soul singer and romantic crooner Patrice Rushen; a composer, producer, singer and pianist who was a child prodigy and classically trained pianist.

Patrice Rushen

She is best known for her hit songs “Forget Me Nots” “Haven’t You Heard,” and “Remind Me.” Her songs have been sampled countless times and most notably by Will Smith (“Men In Black”) and Mary J. Blige’s (“You Remind Me”). Patrice Rushen’s music is heavily requested for sampling and it’s no wonder Solange would want to pay homage to Rushen’s aesthetic, her beaded braids were show stopping, unique and beautiful. Her headful of beaded braids are a perfect beauty look for Solo to pay tribute to, as seen stunningly captured in her portrait above. Rushen’s soulful, playful romantic ballads were instant classics and Knowles drawing from her aesthetic can only mean — her upcoming album will be a groovy, soul-filled, funky gift we’ve been waiting for.