Since Solange Knowles revealed her auto- deficiency last month, she’s been seeming to take it easy on social media. For good reason, much to anyone’s happy surprise Knowles is back with a new hair look and a seemingly upbeat disposition; just in time for Mardi Gras in New Orleans —her current residence. The soul cooing singer of self-care and love of black people posted a couple of photos of herself rocking a fluffy, coif platinum blonde afro wearing an all-black two piece ensemble on Twitter. Of course, the comments ensued, seeing Knowles and her lighter than air hair was almost celestial. Then the following day, Solo took to twitter again this time posting selfies of her newly bone straightened hair, tied back with a part in the middle. For a new sleek and more polished look.

Knowles is glowing with a smirk on her face that seems to say, “Yeah, I know my hair is perfection,” without saying anything at all. Knowles rocked her new look in a black bikini top that crossed her waist with an oversized black blazer. Clearly Solange can make the calmest selfie look haute couture.