It’s finally September, and the fall season is on the brinks of reemerging. There was truly no better time for actress Tracee Ellis Ross to announce her new upcoming Hair-Care brand Pattern Beauty. For women with curly, coiled and textured hair. (Specifically designed for those with 3B to 4C curls). Ross has long been an inspiring star, known for her beautiful well managed curls; and beauty routines. Her luscious, big and bold coif has been saved in many Instagram collections. Although, this is totally in the realm of her brand, it begs the question why hasn’t this happened sooner?

Pattern Beauty was dreamt up by Ross in 2008, right after hit TV series Girlfriends ended. During which she noticed that she was one of the few women in Hollywood who would embrace their natural hair, “a journey not supported by commercials, entertainment and rows of products in every store,” she expressed to WWD“The culture of beauty has been so steeped in patriarchy, racism and sexism for so long,” making the prospect of finding hair-care, makeup and beauty products for people of color with various hair types, textures and skin tones an all too, daunting task,” she continued. It’s not that those skin tones and hair types haven’t existed, but there hasn’t been a large space and understanding for it,” she continued. “That’s why it’s taken me so long to make these dreams happen.”

It’s taken ten years to develop the brand and two years of product testing; Pattern Beauty will make its debut on next Monday, September 9th. You will be able to purchase products via and/or at one of the 12,000 ULTA stores nationwide. According to WWD, the line will include seven products that can be used in your daily routine, including a shampoo, three different types of conditioners, a leave-in conditioner and two hair serums. The prices will range from $9.00 (3-ounce bottles of shampoo and conditioner) to $42.00 (29-ounce size the largest size) depending on size and product type.

I’ve already signed up for updates on Pattern’s launch and so can you here.