Tyra Banks, 1999

With the unrelenting heat wave that continues to swelter pretty much everywhere, its certain we all want to be fresh, cool and dewy for the rest of summer ’18. Apart of our new #CamperFresh (EOS) End of Summer Series, we’re starting with the 1990’s fresh face trend that’s being heavily coveted today. Why? Well, let’s think back to when the term-supermodel began. You know that prime period of the early ‘90s where Tyra Banks, Cindy Crawford, Christie Turlington, Veronica Webb and of course, Naomi Campbell to name a few owned the runways? Do you remember seeing them all constantly on the top designers runways of choice, the cover of all the fashion magazines (when print was everything), a music video or even your favorite Pepsi Commercial? Yes! We do too! Those were the days of our innocent childhood dreams of being a “Supermodel.”

Veronica Webb, 1995

Those undeniably, beautifully flawless faces had one thing in common, not a lot of make-up! Since we’re currently living in the age of the fresh faced everything, it’s nice to think that we too, can have beauty without the enhancement of extra makeup, sometimes. Plus, its summer and none of us are down to be melting like crayons in the hot ass concrete streets of everywhere U.S.A this season. Therefore, it’ll do us all some good to take a page out of the 1990’s supermodel handbook and get that fresh dewy, barely there skin (minus the thinner eyebrows) and be our own versions of perfection for the rest of summer 2018. Take a look below at the essentials needed to achieve that baby fresh ’90s look, now through the rest of summer.