Teyana Taylor

The millennial obsession with ‘90s era culture continues in possibly the coolest beauty venture ever! Singer/Actress and fitness mogul Teyana Taylor, who should be crowned the queen of ‘90s nostalgia has just announced the opening of her 1990’s theme inspired nail salon in Harlem, New York called Junie Bee Nails. Aptly named after her precious one-year old daughter Junie. Taylor is currently on the hunt for nail technicians of all “shapes, sizes and genders,” she expressed in her official Instagram post.

This wild idea isn’t one that is too farfetched for the “Faded” video and fitness darling, she pretty much makes anything look good therefore, we can all just imagine what a nail salon all about ‘90s culture, its aesthetic and total vibes could look and feel like. Starting with the snapshot of the salon below currently under construction. The oversized booth chair shaped in an impressively manicured hand in the middle of the soon-to-be salon, says super vintage, ‘90s art deco, decadent, and totally Teyana Taylor.

Junie Bee Nail Salon

Not to mention, the nail looks that will be as expressive as Teyana Taylor herself; “Dapper Dan style Uni’s, to Door Knockers, Bamboo earrings, baby hairs, airbrushed nails, 54’ 11”s and all that other fly shit!” Sounds like a dreamy set for an LL Cool J music video, circa 1991. If you’re a deliciously fly and talented nail technician send your portfolio and/or resume to the @juniebeenails DM or email them at juniebeenailsinfo@gmail.com and go for it! We’ll be watching and keeping you posted as this explosion of nail lacquered dopeness is sure to be one business for the books.