Detox Yourself, 2018

January is finally here! We all should have begun to take down the holiday lights, throw away those trees (if they’re real), returned or exchanged those unwanted gifts and poured out the now spoiling Egg Nog; take a few deep breaths (close your eyes, inhale and exhale) to get your mindset right for the first work month of 2018 to begin. It’s hard for sure, to shake the holidays off and get back into a business work or class mode yet, it can be done with ease through a few ways which include your beauty regiment.

Everybody will be flocking to the gym, will be listing their resolutions or finishing their mood boards and detoxing their bodies to rid of all that bad or maybe not so bad holiday food we indulged in so aimlessly for two weeks. Here’s to getting your skin, nails, lips and hair revitalized for the start of 2018. It’s important to look as good as you feel, so while you’re hustling hard in the gym again, drinking 10-day elixirs to get your insides right, make sure your outside is on the ball too. Your skins health is just as important as your hair and nails.

Let’s do a full body detox and feel extra empowered and beautiful for the New Year. Check out 13 detoxing beauty products to get you on your way back to life and back to reality.