Super Model Veronica Webb attends The Metropolitan Museum’s Costume Institute Gala on December 5, 1994, New York City, New York. Courtesy of Ron Galella Getty Images, Digital Fleur for Fraîche Media

The terrible truth in the year we wish that wasn’t (2020), other than a pandemic that won’t seem to end, or the anxiety driven presidential election cycle or even the fact that it’s still feels like summer in Los Angeles (yes, I am complaining because, today it is literally 90°degrees in early November)! Although, these are all justifiable grievances, my actual gripe is a bit more superficial regarding the tradition of wearing a deeply robust, romantic black merlot hued lip color. In my research 90s Supermodel Veronica Webb became a point of inspiration, when she rocked a rich mulberry glossy pout at the Met in 1994. Except much to my chagrin, this intense shade won’t be often seen through these miserable masks no matter how fashionable they are. Though, the color still belongs as an autumnal staple.

Like most of the population who does their due diligence to abide by the mask mandates in place to slow the spread I too, am exhausted from wearing them on a daily basis in public. Although, such is life for the immediate foreseeable future. Even with the inevitable to stay healthy and safe, there is still a silvery eye liner to apply. When it comes to makeup, the lips are still supreme…even though they may often be hidden nowadays.

There are no rules for wearing lipstick behind your mask or a clear face shield. Perhaps, we could take some delight in showing off our pouts albeit although, temporarily while dining outside at a café. Whether you’re safely social distancing with your closest friends, having a Zoom call, conference or date.  It may even just be for a selfie to post on Instagram, whatever the reason this is the year that has no beauty rules period, do what you want! In the meantime, check out some deep vampy lip hues below for inspiration to try all season long.