Bruno Mars x Cardi B. “Finesse”

As the clock struck 12 a.m. on January 1, 2018, it became official that the last minor born before the new millennium was no longer a kid and we had entered a new period during which Generation Z are now poised to become young adults. With this realization comes an overstated fact that millennials have serious nostalgia for the ‘90’s era, and we’re not giving up these feelings anytime soon. Perhaps, it’s because that time period was so cool, futuristic and cutting edge, yet so simple; a truly unique era to grow up in. When all we had to do was play outside or watch TV, there was no internet or social media; hell, there were only a few networks and cable channels to chose from and most programming was local. Having experienced this expired way of living in its true glory is what likely led the human entertainment machine, Bruno Mars, to choose to shoot a super ’90’s inspired’ visual for the remix of his song “Finesse” featuring Cardi B. To make that concept even more exciting, it is an absolute dedication to the 90’s hit comedy variety show In Living Color.

If you were a child growing up in the early to mid ‘90’s, there was no way you did not watch or at least know about this classic comedy hour. The show, created by Keenan Ivory Wayans, instantly became a comedy blessing nobody could have imagined; based in satire and ironic innuendo, the scenes often played on sociopolitical themes of gender norms, race, and class, with some of the funniest skits you would ever see performed by actors and comedians that went on to become huge entertainers in their own rights, including Jim Carey, David Alan Grier, and the incomparable Jamie Foxx, one of the original triple threats to perform in both serious and comedic roles as well as musicals.

Not to mention, the show wholly embraced the hip-hop culture and was a major platform for many musical groups and acts to get their start towards mass appeal. With a live DJ (Wayans’ younger brother Shawn Wayans or “SW1”), artists like Mary J. Blige and Nas got to use the nationally syndicated platform to showcase their talents for all to see. Then there were the unforgettable “Fly Girls” that taught us all the latest dance moves and fashion-beauty style trends.

Bruno Mars x Cardi B. “Finesse”

It’s also the show where the super star Jennifer Lopez (J.Lo), one of the most notable “Fly Girls,” got her start. The comedy show was very New York City (Wayans’ hometown), hilariously unique and what can now be forever considered a TV comedy classic; along the lines of Saturday Night Live, however, In Living Color always had its own lane. Mars went all out for this one, having the video shot on the original set of In Living Color and even mocked the original opening of the show with “Cardi B. from The Bronx.” Everything about this is perfectly executed, from Bruno Mar’s and his band/dance mates’ Cross Colors outfits to Cardi B.’s  Jeremy Scott x Moschino ensemble; the video is very bright yet funky and urban all the while, truly 90’s style. These two are a match made in comedic, dance and hip-hop soul heaven!

Check out the clip below and be prepared to take a trip back to the 1990’s, those were the days.