Mariah Carey, yes one of the greatest vocalist from the early ‘90s through the aughts through today. Her power ballads about love wanted, gained or lost and her songs about just having fun and “shaking it off.” She will go down in history as of “thee voices” of our generation. We love many of her albums but, one of our most favorite albums outside of The Emancipation of Mimi was Rainbow and we decided to choose “Heartbreaker” as our tribute to this glittery Diva. Do you remember Mariah during this era? She was (always) a Queen of pop-soul music, filled with cotton candy colors and hair and yes over the top glamour. 

This vintage jam features Jay-Z was the equivalent of Beyoncé’s “Blow” for 1999. Where Mariah plays and has a bathroom stall girl-fight with a “Kim Kardashian” look alike before Kim Kardashian was even known, haha! She even plays Rizzo mimicking Sandra Dee from the awesomely vintage classic film ‘Grease’ on the big screen. A very clever, creative and innovative video directed by Brett Ratner. Ms. Carey took over a movie theater in her infamous and signature denim jeans (cut at the waist, so they could sit below the navel cute and comfortably), her girlishly rosy crochet crop-top and wooden wedge sandals that were the entire rave in the summer of 1999-2000.

Hey and mustn’t forget Jay-Z overlaying rhymes, who was just fresh off of “Big Pimpin” fame and still rocking jerseys. The song which was the first single off of her 7th studio album was perfect and still reminds of us how much fun it can be, to go to theater with your girls. Let’s exclude the now $20.00 tickets, though! This is why this is perfect for a balmy Tuesday spring evening on Mariah Carey’s birthday.

Watch the classic clip below full of retro Mariah, jam out and reminisce for a spell… Whatever happened to the little pooch?