Pharrell Williams

Happy Birthday Skateboard P! The multi-talented producer and music artist Pharrell Williams early aughts video for “Frontin” featuring Jay-Z, is an unforgettable classic. If it’s not the crisp white suit Williams rocks out in, or that enchanting time-lapsed sunset, then it’s the first time we saw “New-New” (aka) Lauren London. This circa 2003 definitive visual and now summer classic, will do one thing, get your spring season going!

Pharrell Williams’s baby face will melt your heart again, as he takes a couple of dance queues from the late-great Michael Jackson. While grooving and using his natural charisma that made the video girls and all of us watching swoon! Not to mention, when Jay-Z pops in to add his effortless street-style (when young men were wearing basketball jerseys at parties, as a causal statement) and timeless flow in the voyeuristic house party— it was clearly a collaboration made in early aught heaven. In which, we can now bask in its eternal melodic vibe again, watch the vintage clip below.