Gina Rodriguez

With many TV and cable networks adding new and abundant television shows that seemingly are started to revert back in time. A time of our childhoods that cannot be forgotten for long. Netflix, who’s been on a whirlwind producing original and dynamic scripted series and shows, and bringing back TV shows of yesterday. This next rewind installment is truly a kicker and has us hella excited with bringing back Carmen Santiago an early 90’s kid’s educational television show that aired on the Public Broadcasting System (PBS) took the quiz show and geography to a whole new level! Carmen Santiago was “that girl”, she would hide in a place that could be anywhere in the world and each contestant (usually 2-3) would have to answer questions to find out the clues of where she is and win a big prize.

Little did we know, we where learning about the world while playing a kick-ass game of quiz! Like everything in this crazy life of ours, in TV Land especially—nothing lasts forever and Carmen Santiago was cancelled in 1996; after a four year run on the public station. It originally started as an education game in 1985 for schools created by CEO Doug Carlsto of the company Broderbund eventually purchased by the Learning Company in 1998.

Well, this news is truly for all the 90’s kids out there, good news for all of our dreams of reminiscent carefree early adolescence when PBS was still on the watch list. Carmen Santiago is coming back by way of Netflix and this time our favorite “virgin” Gina Rodriguez will be the voice. This already sounds amazing! It will premier and one wonders if we’ll see Gina donning Carmen Santiago’s signature badass fedora! We’ll have to just wait and see.