Janelle Monáe

It’s the early morning of April 27th and I am so hungover right now (too much champagne in my chalice). But, it was worth it!!! Last night I had the most epic experience I’ve had in a while. I can’t even deal. Here’s the story, yesterday Janelle Monáe officially came out as Pansexual.

1. not limited in sexual choice with regard to biological sex, gender, or gender identity

“Being a queer Black woman in America, someone who has been in relationships with both men and women – I consider myself to be a free-ass motherfucker.” 🌈🦄💥 For all of us bi+ folks out in the world, it was a moment. I felt so validated. So seen. So heard. So loved. I felt very represented and vindicated.  Fuck Biphobia! Anyway, I digress. On this most holy day, of all days, (holy-bi-day) I’m follow Miss Monáe on social media and while scoping insta-stories I come across her most recent story.

When I say I jumped outta bed so fast. I texted a friend of mine who had the hookup and he personally walked me in through the artist entrance for the night. Y’all it was lit! Litttttttt. Oh my god and the music was poppin (“Back That Azz Up,” Petey Pablo, Lil John—crunk), the drinks were flowin. It was a kiki for the ages. Then there was Janelle Monáe’s performance, it was impeccable. She had stages set all around the venue that looked like her various music videos from Dirty Computer. So there was a “PYNK” set, there was an “I Like That” set with a bathtub and errythang ; there was even a throne set for “Django Jane.” Monáe performed one song on each set while the audience followed her around the venue. At one point one of my friends said, it felt like he was her backup dancer—that’s how close we were. Also, shout out to her fly ass dancers! They were holding it down!! (I see you Miesha).

I can’t even count all the people I spotted and talked to that were attended this electric affair… Janelle obviously (I died, I am dead; 👋🏽hi, this is me reporting from the grave. I met her, we took a picture. I can’t).  Then there was also Jidenna, St. Beauty, Charles King, Moses Sumney and Sarunas Jackson. Speaking of Jackson, Paris Jackson, Ranard Caldwell, Elton Anderson, Smiles Davis, Gianni Lee and Ayinde (that ni**a everywhere) were all there too!

Janelle Monáe

I still can’t believe last night. I just cannot deal. The evening progressed and I somehow made it to the backstage area where all the artists were hanging out and it felt like I belonged. Not to mention, there were a few people I actually knew back there. I started conversations with new folks, met a Soror 🐘 and even very randomly shared my lipstick with Paris Jackson (or PK as she intro’d herself). She literally walked up to me and asked if she could use some? It was crazy—Last night was ridiculously crazy!

It was seriously one of the most amazing nights ever. I’m a fan. I’ve been a fan of Janelle Monáe for a while now (yeah yeah, I know. “Such a hipster”) but, last night was so important. Who she is as an artist is so pivotal. She’s really out here creating space for queer Black women, but specifically bi+ Black womyn. Before Janelle joined us androids on the dance floor she said, “To my LGBTQIA family. I see you. I love you.” And, we felt it. What a time. Life all the way got!