Alex Isley

Though, Alex Isley’s aptly titled EP The Beauty of Everything Part I ends as quickly as it begins, it has been consistently on repeat since our Inaugural Quarter 1 2018 Cover Star debuted it just over a week ago; and, it’s truly breathtaking.

Each track is an airy melodic, inviting hideaway to a place of love, desire and exquisite beauty. Alex Isley’s songs are stories with engrossing symphonies of soul filled sound, pop and jazz undertones that long for the classic days of R&B with new age flow ─ the future of R&B and its powerful formula are interwoven into 22 minutes of syrupy grooves by way of Isley’s EP.  Her seamless segue-ways in song’s like “Always 84” and “On II U” provide us with almost elegant B-Side versions of the tracks within them, that are a double dose of flawlessness. While “Life Boat” envelopes the peaceful, folk-pop of singers like YUNA with the illuminating vocal quality only Alex Isley can deliver.  

A perfect mix of feels worthy songs that Alex Isley has humbly self-written and produced almost solely. A true testament to her family’s talented lineage and legacy; not to mention, a refreshing preview into what’s to come from her in the near future as we await Part II, in which she’s promised. Take a listen to her EP below and prepare to float off into another world, filled with pure beauty.