Bosco “Piano Song”

Who knew the start of spring 2020 would endure such craziness, unpredictability, restlessness and yes, fear of the daily unknown. With the worlds pandemic crisis and the enforcement of #StayAtHome, its so important for all us to find ways to cope, stay healthy, take self-care and above all be in-tuned to the world around useven if we can’t really be in it. Music will continue to be an important component for solace and comfort, during such difficult and weary times. Which makes singer/artist Bosco’s new EP project set to release April 1st, even more relevant.

In preparation for her new EP Someday This Will All Make Sense, Bosco’s latest single and mini clip in lead up entitled “Piano Song,” provides a reentrance into the special era of the mid to late 1990’s. Where music was caught mixing House, Dance and Hip Hop rolled into melodic vibes that were uplifting, happy and feel good. Exactly what we need right now. The video, directed by Bosco and William C. Nixon provides a 60-second whirlwind playscape, where the singer and male counterpart freestyle roller skate, skateboard and performs in a ready made 2020 version of a classically cool Gap commercial. It’s full of monochromatic butterscotch cargo pants and jacket combos, gold hoops earrings, asymmetric clear framed aviators and long cornrow braids.

The musical sentiment although brief, is long enough to tell a story of memories, remembrance and love. A mellow vibe that is perfect to play on repeat during these wavering times. Her ability to intrigue and captivate the listener with soulful-pop grooves, that can elevate you through moments of anxiety and woes are timeless. “Piano Song” provides a unique peek into what can be expected for the new project to come and gives a glimpse into the artful mind of Bosco. Watch the new visual below and listen to the full length version here.