Anyone who has ever truly been in love can speak to the maddening trial that is getting over a person when it doesn’t work out. The notion that love fades away quickly, like the dissipation of a heart you drew in the sand with both of your initials when high tide washes in, is inimitably deceptive.  Real love is enduring, unrelenting almost to the degree of torture, but therein lies the beauty of the concept. It would be described as a pleasurable pain, torturous and somewhat humiliating but still so gratifying, sort of like that experienced in S&M. As put by the gorgeous singer-songwriter VIAA in her new single, it never “Hurt So Good” as it does when you don’t want to relinquish a piece of your heart. 

Following up on her last single “Crash,” which explores the psychedelic, transient vigor of descent from enthrallment, VIAA is back with a feel-good bop perfect for wrapping up your summertime escapades with love.  The 28-year-old Los Angeles transplant from Dayton, Ohio, has been having an amazing year. From performing backup vocals in studio sessions with established acts like Will Smith and Anderson Paak as well as for other budding acts like Jack & Jack and Doja Cat, to playing DessertX at Coachella and opening for Twin Shadow at The Standard, her grind is already distinguishing her as ‘One to Watch’ in this new market of songstresses out to make a splash diving into the industry. 

Her mantra goes against the phony norms of Hollywood with a sense of contentment in being a self-proclaimed “homegirl,” one not consumed with making friends and rubbing elbows but with quality engagements. Out to grow her audience and touch more souls while remaining consistent with her niche approach to creating music for the Rebels who reminisce over the cutting-edge era of the 80/90s, VIAA has already made impressive strides to generate buzz, scoring an appearance in the Toyota x UPROXX commercial, performing at The Gibson Showroom & Hi Hat in L.A., getting shoutouts in Vibe Magazine and mentions from Spotify after racking up over 700k plays organically with more than 30k monthly listeners. 

VIAA is expected to release an EP in September but until then, check out her music here and keep an eye out for even bigger things soon to come! 

Watch the new visual for “Hurt So Good” below: