Jennah Bell

Since the inception of the new millennia young women persist in being bolder, and more rebellious versions of themselves. Taking their power back, and delivering the truth on what should be seen as womanhood. Which can no longer stand defined through the “male gaze,” and it’s ever so present in Jennah Bell’s new visual for “Can’t Be Too Careful.” A siren serenade of emotions, with womanly woes, fluttering beauty, femininity and a bit of gritty angst; that reads perfectly in tandem with her hard hitting yet, poignant and soul-filled lyrics.

The new visual takes a page out of the book of the 60s and 70s experimental acid film era. Which enjoyed the likes of director John Waters and Andy Warhol. Bell topples that notion for the 21st Century with acid pinks and strategically placed inanimate objects. Not to mention, the delectable fruits and candy that speak woman. As well as, playfully rebelling in the world of soft & pink sexuality of what a woman’s purpose is to be.

Like the song, the clip finds a happy medium between control and risk, feminine prowess and hi-fi innuendo with lo-fi sensuality. Bell stars in the visual alongside a subdued girlfriend and the two cut in between detached handlings and spirited mischief. Amongst the severed Barbie dolls heads in bubble bath, the randomly parked pink corvette in the interior and an abundance of florals; Jennah Bell’s dreamy makeup BEAT, it’s worth a gander more than once.

A telltale sign that young women of the new millennia know exactly what they want to say and how to say it. Watch the visual below for all the bizarrely satisfying feels.