Rebelscopes Winter ’17- EOY

It’s The Season of Giving AF!

Retrograde is over (finally) as of December 22nd, yes we felt it too. Now is the time to get your final to-do list checked off, write up those goals you want to accomplish in the New Year and place them under your pillow on New Years Eve so you can get all the good luck vibes in 2018! Looking for a new job/career or position? Press pause on that until after the New Year. Pick it back up in mid-January if nothing has yet materialized. P.s. everyone deserves something sweet this year in our Rebelscopes end-of-year so, take note!

Note: Our horoscopes are derived from ongoing human experiences (daily ish), deep sign characteristic research and pure unadulterated fun! This is in no way real or should be taken literally; this is just for entertainment purposes only. Though, if it goes as written gold stars for you, cheyeah!

Capricorn: You’ve been a busy bee all year long! Time to celebrate HARD; you deserve all the wins you’ve been receiving. That guy you’ve been checking for is playing it too cool, so you do the same and when he comes through, hit the snooze one time because you’re worth it. Your passions are your drives namesake, so can’t stop won’t stop…though, do take care.

Holiday Sweet: Simple butter pound cake drenched with Sugared Plum sauce.

Holiday Fashion Forecast: Be the “it” girl you are and rock a body hugging party dress in a bold pink hue, make it even more fare festive with some shimmering calf boots. Michael Michael Kors Stretch-knit mini dress, $155.00, Gisueppe Zanotti, Natalie embellished glittered stretch-knit sock boots, $860.00

Aquarius: It’s been a continuing whirlwind of a year for you and it doesn’t seem like there’s a sign of it slowing down. What you’ll have to do, is slow down you! Take the reins of your life and keep on the tracked trajectory you see fit. Don’t let others sway your passions or your dreams but, do keep it real with yourself. Being penniless or a vagrant is not the future you see for your ethereal queendom. Take a chance on some things, and let the other sh*t go!

Holiday Sweet: Since you’re on this vegan kick right now try our girl Hannah Bronfman’s new vegan cookie dough in a jar!

Holiday Fashion Forecast: Be the eclectic, electric lady you are and rock that electric blue leather bag you’ve been waiting to wear all year long.  Get winter and witchy with a long crushed velvet cascading skirt and a pair of  fancy metallic ballets flats to tie together. Roland Mouret Haxby draped velvet midi skirt $1,440.00,Dion Lee Velvet and crepe camisole, $234.00, Aquazzura Claudia Schiffer for Aquazzura Sunny Star Leather Flats, $725.00.

Pisces: Go right on and jump in the pool of that relationship you’ve been toying with since the spring, it’s full fledge cuffing season now. There’s no time for fake ones, just sip some Ciroc with these real ones… (Your day ones that is) All that glitters isn’t gold, so be careful the day after Christmas. Trust your instinct and let your dreamland rest a spell while you celebrate the family evening kickback; and, it’s okay to text bae after the holiday dinner.

Holiday Sweet: Oooy gooey dulce de leche cookies.

Holiday Fashion Forecast: Like the fashion icon Rihanna you can wear almost anything so this holiday, try wearing a luxe silvery gray crushed velvet wrap dress with a satin high heel mule. J.Crew Frida velvet wrap dress $350.00, Oscar Tiye Eva embellished satin mules $468.00

Aries: Girl what a ride 2017 has been right? You’ve been hustling hard and all that work will be coming into fruition very soon my dear. Until then, did you buy that new bag you were eying last month? If not, this month tighten your belt a little more because it’s the holidays and you will have to use some rainy day funds for something super luxe and necessary.  The guy in your life may be ready to take a more serious step, so be ready for whatever!  Just take your time in your decision, you’re heavily independent and he might not like that in the long run.

Holiday Sweet: Shout out to the classic, apple crumble a la mode.

Holiday Fashion Forecast: Take your family and friends by storm dazzling pleated pants that will make you instantly a talking point of the holiday party (which you love).Gucci Lurex pleated pant $2,300.00, Deer Dana Cindy Crawford T-Shirt, $60.00, Christian Louboutin Medinana fringed suede collapsible-heel slippers, $795.00.

Taurus: Your strategic stunting all year has truly bore some major fruit! Time to celebrate your accomplishments and keep the party going, like the “hostess with mostess” you are. Gather your faves around and indulge in all the holiday food, love and laughter your bullish heart can bare. As you know you love family almost as much as you love the moo-la! Take advantage of all the sales this season…you’re going to get a lot of bangs for all those bucks but, remember to always keep some coins for that showery day that can come and go.

Holiday Sweet: Your palette is being adventurous this holiday so try cinnamon bread pudding. 

Holiday Fashion Forecast: Comfort is always key in your life and during the wintery cozy holidays you choose to mix glitter glamour with comfort. MSGM Tie-neck sequin-embellished top, $448.00, Paper London Twin Prince of Wales checked wool-blend wide-leg pants, $325.00, Mansur Gavriel Volume Clutch, $695.00.

Gemini: You’ve been quietly “work, work, work” working (in my best Rihanna voice) and it has been your overall 2017 mantra and it continues to be. Except, no hustle is worth the sweat and strife without a little play and Gemini doll, you can run laps around anyone when it comes to a good Shangri la! Now is the time to plan out the rest of your hustle for the New Year and go full speed ahead. Oh, and be super choosy with all the holiday invites you’ve started receiving this season, some events won’t be worth your time or energy.

Holiday Sweet: Blood Orange ice cream with brown sugar encrusted butter pecans and caramel drizzle.

Holiday Fashion Forecast: Your audacious spirit will have you rocking something different and funky like a bold dark floral dress and a black leather motorcycle jacket. H&M ErdemxHM Pleated Dress, $149.00, House of Fluff, Yeti convertible oversized faux fur coat, $990.00, Isabel Marant Lashby Elasticated Ankle Boots (silver), $750.00.

Cancer: Time to shelve that Mean Girl Boss persona for the more relatable, funny entertainer and chief you can be for this month and the holiday season. Look at enhancing your humility and increase the trust you have for some of the people you’ve known for a while that are around you. Take pause in the next big decision coming your way, and listen to more than one opinion before trusting your gut instincts. Party and have a good time; you deserve it!

Holiday Sweet: Cinnamon pound cake with a dollop of heavy whipped cream.

Holiday Fashion Forecast: All the entertaining and eating will have you wanting to be classically chill with wide legged trousers and sparkles. MSGM Sequin-embellished top, $348.00, H&M Flared Pants, $39.99, Alexandre Birman, Amalia satin and textured-lamé pumps, $595.00.

Leo: Queen of your domain and all who adore you, it’s time for some reflection in order to rework, or reorder the path you’re using to reach your goals. A little change-up to your routine will help give you the boost you need to push through to those final goals of the year. While looking for a new position or a new career path you’ll land exactly what you needed and shine like the sun goddess you are. Let loose this holiday with your family and get all the love and adoration you’ve been craving as winters chill roars in.

Holiday Sweet: Miss persnickety Leo, your palette only craves the very best of decadent desserts Eggnog or cinnamon crusted flan.

Holiday Fashion Forecast: Make an entrance like you always do and rock that fur coat (faux or not) with a super shimmering dress! Halpern Sequin-embellished high-neck flared-sleeve dress, $2,195.00, Stella McCartney Faux shearling coat, $1,625.00, ALAÏA Bombe studded velvet sandals, $1,260.00.

Virgo: You’ve been doing the damn thing all year long and all that hard work is coming into clear view and your winning strategy is paying off! This month is all about breaking out of the perfectionist mode and letting go a little bit so, that the fruit of your labor can marinate and work its magic. You’ve well-earned all the stripes you put in effort for, now take some time to relax with your loved ones and sip on something warm and cozy (with or without alcohol).

Holiday Sweet: Sweet creamy vanilla ice cream with dark chocolate covered pretzels with peppermint bark sprinkles.

Holiday Fashion Forecast: Let your stylish flag fly, and rock a statement look that will be all eyes on you! Mix luxe and leisure. Mira Mikati Sequined silk pants, $849.00, James Perse Cotton-jersey top, $135.00, Faux Fur Vest Sole Sociecy, $80.00, Christian Louboutin Pigalle 100mm patent-leather pumps, $675.00.

Libra: You’ve done well in the balance department this year, even if things didn’t always go your way you maintained your resilient, natural hustling nature. The New Year looks extra bright for you, with everything you’ve been working on the past six months will begin to make an impact, so be ready. This month finalize your strategy for that project you’re about to start or that script you’ve been writing keep your goals straight to the point.

Holiday Sweet: Your sweet tooth is beckoning so a piece of French Apple Tart is waiting patiently to be devoured.

Holiday Fashion Forecast: Keep it chic and sweet for all your holiday shenanigans. Ashish Sequined silk-georgette wrap dress, $2,595.00, Barney’s New York-Fur-Trimmed Suede Sandals XO, $350.00

Scorpio: It’s the time to be “feeling’ yourself” in more ways than one! Your often deep and moody behavior will get a lift this holiday season from all the good charity happening around you. This year the holidays full of cheer, love and tasty treats will help ease your mind. Go for that idea you’ve been harping over since September; just do it. No harm, no foul. If you’re having sex cravings let them slumber awhile longer as your passions are motivated towards the side of social action this season. Though, it is the holidays so feel free to indulge a bit. (not simultaneously though).

Holiday Sweet: Dark chocolate cheesecake with black cherry sauce drizzled on top.

Holiday Fashion Forecast: Rock a bold red dress or jumpsuit to be stylishly funky and chicly fly for holiday cocktails and tastings. Emilia Wickstead – Ethel wide-leg wool-crepe jumpsuit, $1,328.00, Stella McCartney Fur Free Fur Masha Jacket, $ 768.00, Reiss Women’s Jill Patent Leather High Heel Court Pumps, $295.00.

Sagittarius: Tis’ the season of Y.O.U! Quiet as you’ve been during past few months working hard towards your dreams…it’s time to get loud for the Holidays! Share your world a little more with the ones you truly love and they’ll adore you for it even more. If you’re looking for that appreciative gesture from someone, don’t worry about them. You will get everything you deserve very soon and it’s exactly what you’ve been waiting for.

Holiday Sweet: Toasted Gingerbread men with fashionable icing dressed up as your favorite rapper (INSERT A$AP ROCKY GINGERBREAD MAN HERE)***.

Holiday Fashion Forecast: You’ll shine flawlessly in a rose silk shiny dress Roksanda Color-block tiered silk-satin dress, $945.00, Pigalle Follies 100 mm, $695.00, Tory Burch Carmen Suede Clutch, $298.00.