Rebelscopes Jan/Feb ’18

It’s a New Year Rebels and it’s time to get to work! Make those “money moves,” and “wave hello to the top” as you stack, climb and make it happen. It’s the Year of the Dog, which means, loyalty, self-awareness, helpfulness and responsibility attributes will be prudent. 2018 will bring forth the unknown, like most new years do yet all the work we were doing last year in prep and even those projects that may still be in the works will bloom into exactly how you want this year. 

This year you’ll need to buckle down and get serious about where you want to drive your focus in your career and allow the universe to work it’s magic. This comes in the form of eclipses, one happening at the end of this month (January 31st) and another over the summer. All of which is absolute perfecting timing, as these solar eclipses have the ability to bring forth productivity, happiness and universal movement.

Hustling will be your friend if you have the will to do the work and, take the necessary, strategic steps that will turn into beautiful, flourishing opportunities—this year will be full of prosperity. **We’ve also included a special gif for each scope that’s your sign sis, say hi! 

Side Note: Our horoscopes are derived from ongoing human experiences (daily ish), deep sign characteristic research and pure unadulterated fun! This is just for entertainment purposes only. Though, if it goes as written gold stars for you, cheyeah!

Additional Side Note: If your birth year falls along the Year of the Dog, take some long walks outside throughout the year, staying stress free is important for your cardiovascular health!

Capricorn December 22 to January 19
Hello again, you shimmering galloping G.O.A.T who’s all about makin’ money moves and major moves in general. Through February and the months ahead you’ll have the opportunity to utilize many of those new contacts you gained while networking during last years holiday parties. Your ability to be a strategic social butterfly will be paying off sooner than you know it. Though, you’re fiercely independent, you’ll need to tap some of your amazing friends to assist you with an important upcoming project; if successful the payoff will be tremendou$ly in your favor. I mean let’s be honest, when you have a sign sisters like First Lady Michelle Obama and Issa Rae you can’t lose.

Love Forecast: The moves you make this year should be taken more seriously, including the love department. If you have plans for V-Day have some fun, whatever happens you’re a G and can handle anything that love is going to throw at you, so be ready! (Insert Mary J. Blige dance here)

Aquarius January 20 to February 18
Hey, hey you fresh water mermaid of celestial proportions! Your birthday is coming up and so are the roses! This year is going to be a good one for prosperity and progress. Prepare for the accolades to start rolling in after a whirlwind year of preparation, your determination will finally be recognized and you’ll receive the bankable funds your creativity most certainly deserves. Your ability to move like the wind will be a key in welcoming in new opportunities, just be sure to stay focused on your immediate goals.

Love Forecast: As your career continues to flourish your love life will be going through an overhaul, and you’ll need to be prepared for growth and major changes; you can handle it, like the air you go with the flow.

Pisces February 19 to March 20
Hola Pisces, little bitty fishes you will find yourself being a super social butterfly this year that, will assist in your forward financial movement upwards as your cash flow finally levels out. From new social events to meeting new very important people, keep your calendar open and clear; it’s going to fill up fast! New opportunities in the sector of communications, media or writing will become available and using your badass personal marketing skills will come in handy. **If Rihanna drops a new song next month, that’s your indication that everything on that to-do list will pop off without a hitch!

Love Forecast: Pisces, your dream world rules everything around you yet this year, you’ll be staying in reality much more often while taking on your natural romantic abilities that will help in broadening your current or a new relationship.

Aries March 21 to April 19
Dearest queen Aries, turn that wind machine off for a spell and listen closely. This year it’s all about your focus, for there will be some new, big and fun opportunities happening in your career and you’ve got to be ready for them as they begin to come into fruition. It’s important to remain disciplined; as you know you can grow bored with a project fast if there seems like there’s no movement. Be PATIENT. Remember you’re responsible for your own success and the ultra independent soul you are will need to develop the necessary boundaries around you to make that big career decision or move with precision.

Love Forecast: Due to work becoming the forefront of your focus this year, love may take a bit of a back seat, for a little while. Nevertheless, romance won’t be behind for too long as it’s going to get major and much more serious in the spring, oh la la—put a ring on it?

Taurus April 20 to May 20
Ciao Taurus! It’s safe to say this year is going be full of cha-cha-cha-changes and reinvention! This fresh New Year is bringing all the push you need to make those career moves you’ve been tactically planning all of last year. It’s time to take that major step, the opportunity is coming up and you are toats ready. Like the serious organizer you’re this change in direction will be handled like thee Olivia Pope and it’s fulfillment will provide bankable residuals. Oh, and prepare for lots of travelling this year #staypassportready.

Love Forecast: During this year of reinvention, there will be a transformation and need for increased self-awareness, Taurus. Whether you’re in a serious relationship or not, it’s important to know thy self. Your ability to be uninhibited and confident will come in handy while exploring new suitors.

Gemini May 21 to June 20
Oh hey Gemini, two is always better than one and this year you’ll need both of your sides to get through it. As you’re going to be making some important career moves in order to become more balanced in your job outlook. If you’re a creative more focus on art and the people that work in that field will aid in you finally getting your coins on the straight and narrow. Sharpen your bargaining skills and be more aware of your worth, when it comes to new projects. It’s time to get paid what you deserve.

Love Forecast: New partnerships are on the horizon for you Gemini wild child, whether that’s directly in love or in friendship. Building a unique and successful partnership will provide the ability to push forward those larger projects you have been mulling over for months.

Cancer June 21 to July 22
Cheers to you salaciously salty water crab, it’s the year of getting more steadiness in your life. Last year, was full of unstable movement especially, in your career and this year is all about having more security while adding more concrete plans to your plate and letting go of things that don’t have a real long view value. Though, your pockets are getting fatter (like, where are you putting all that paper?) you’ll be letting go of those projects or people that aren’t producing good energy around you; staying focused is key this year. To that point since, you can often be a shrewd opportunist this year you should also focus on building individuality and original creative ideas that will take you far.

Love Forecast: This year you’re going to be more freer in the land of love. Therefore, more expressive and artful pursuits will be a great social goal to set in landing the one you want. Sharing your affection with others will be inspiring and provide a more enjoyable romantic exploration especially, if you’re single.

Leo July 23 to August 22
Bonjour Leo! Get your mane blown out to perfection because this year you’ll be purring all the way to financial success! It just so happens that not one but, two eclipses will be poppin’ off this year in your sign, which means major forward movement in your career. January 31st will be a powerful date to keep noted as the first eclipse arrives and some big news will be happening so, stay ready. It’s going to be an exciting year for you dear Leo. You’ll be utilizing your impressive leadership skills while taking those strategic steps to make some huge amazing changes in your career; be it a new job or taking the leap towards entrepreneurship. Being the innovative and independent lioness you are, this will be a shining year!

Love Forecast: This New Year of YOU will be moving quickly and upwardly including in your love life. Prepare for some laid-back fun this year and while you’re cruising through the beginnings of a new romance or the single life it’s going to be exciting and easy breezy. Be sure to take some time out of your crazy schedule to connect and spend time with your family.

Virgo August 23 to September 22
Hey Virgo hey! You harmonious virgin of earthly magnitude, this year is going to be a sweet one for you. Dear Virgo you’ll be taking your creativity into a more serious direction and as you move forward hankering down in your skills, it’ll be time for your refined talents be it writing, music or visual artistry to be shared with the world. Virgo your keen ability to keep your loved ones around you grounded and focused will assist you in your own goals paying off. Harmony will be your bestie this year and less pressure will allow you to sink your teeth into new creative projects to show off.

Love Forecast: Speaking of harmony, Virgo you will be meeting new people and potential new romantic partners; while you’re a realist by nature it’s okay to let the subtle nuances of romance take its course and create magic. If you’re in a relationship it’s going be a very delicious year!

Libra September 23 to October 22
Sweet Libra child of mine, this year you’ll be in for some serious new cash flow coming in, with a solar eclipse in your sign like Leo you too, will have new opportunities for growth within your current position, à la a promotion or a new job with a lovely salary bump. While you’re racking it up, put some aside for home improvement. It’s your nature to be consistently balanced in your life and in control of the things around you; it pays off in your career, for you’ll be recognized for your hard work (finally).

Love Forecast: While you may have been experiencing a rebellious, unruly and sometimes an unpredictable nature that spirit will begin to pass as the year progresses. All of which leads you to closer romantic partnerships; where you’ll experience some new intimacy in more eccentric ways.

Scorpio October 23 to November 21
Scorpio sis, your theme this year should totally be “tell the paparazzi to get the lens right” (insert Rihanna’s voice here); if you don’t know by now “Lemon” by N.E.R.D is our official theme song of 2018. Anyway, back to you my tail-snapping friend for this year all eyes are on you! With loads of attention and waves of new opportunities coming your way, you must make room and have the ability to be flexible for the changes to come will only happen if you are willing to adjust for them and do the work. In your controlling nature this will be a difficult task nevertheless, the major cash flow impart will assist you in entering the unknown and take some risks.

Love Forecast: Seductive Scorpio your natural ability to draw in your lovers will be even more welcoming this year. People and romantic partners enjoy your presence and you’ll be rewarded for your confidence handsomely. Be it in a new relationship or increased passion in your existing one.

Sagittarius November 22 to December 21
Kon’nichiwa my Sagittarian angel, be sure to condition that mane and tail this year, as your glow will need to be on 💯! Those ideas you’ve been mulling over, listing and mood boarding about all of year 2017, will finally have fruition in 2018. Keep pushing forward as the chance to utilize your artistic originality will be wanted at just the nick of time; yet, be certain of what you’re willing to do. Don’t just give the milk away for less than you’re worth. While you’ve always been able to stack money, this year you’ll need to hone in on those financial disciplines in order to understand where your money is really being spent and saved.

Love Forecast: Dearest Sagittarius, love will bloom this year and your heart will live in optimism. You’ll have almost a renewed or rebirthing experience this year providing more happiness in your life and in love. This also means you should clean-up and rid of things and (people) that no longer add value to your life. It will only assist in making room for new prospects therefore, readiness is crucial.