Yazmin Monet

The autumn season is here and we can now we begin counting  down to the New Year as there is only just a few more months to go; and though the thought of a fresh start with 2018, it seems any thing seems more promising then all the shenanigans and messiness of this very “terrible, very bad, no good year” that we are currently living in. Not to mention, how the current man in the white house continues to vex many of us on a daily basis. Yes, we are now fresh out of marches (for now) and need to put forth those energies into a plan for action!

There is a lot to feel weary about however, we mustn’t let the potential horrors of society turmoil and crisis keep us discouraged or create lasting cynicism. If anything let this time in our lives as young women drive us all to stay empowered, communicate more, be energized and motivated to take action in our own lives, communities and the world! 

Watch our Culture Contributor, Actor, Activist and Poet Yazmin Monet recite her original poem entitled Fuck You, Stronger Than You Know, a powerful, Woman’s word needed for these desperate times.

Original Poem written and performed by Yazmin Monet
Produced and Edited by Director Kitty