Nick Jonas and Priyanka Chopra

Jet setting with a new beau? Though, you don’t want to get serious because it’s the summer…You could be embarking on an early summer fling! Case #RM001 Even with all the speculation surrounding the new budding relationship between Nick Jonas and Priyanka Chopra being spotted together on  a number of occasions, it’s sparked some major thought into this idea, can you have a successful summer fling? 

Yes! Find out how below, including some important essential to-knows that you can use, if you’re currently towing the line on whether to jump in to a soon to be summer fling or not.

Spotted… A Possible Summer Fling?

As the season of heat begins, you may find yourself embarking on a new summer fling, which can happen in a flash and be very exciting. Although, before you go down that road, there’s just a few things to remember and consider to avoid hurt feelings at the end if it truly is just a fling.

Short-Term Can Be Fun!

Make sure the both of you are on the same vibe regarding what you want out of this relationship. Your expectations need equal confirmation in order to avoid embarrassment when the season begins to officially chill. After that much needed conversation happens, you both will be reassured that the fling will be successful, regardless if it’s short-term or turns to something more serious (see Is it Just a Fling or The Real Thing?)

Fling with Similar Taste

If you’re starting a summer fling, it is also important to have seen substance and value within your fling partner(s); to do it with someone that has similar interests and tastes like you. Including in music, food and even books. It will only help when the those summer soirees and rooftop party invites start filling up your inbox―to know that they’ll be down to go if you ask them.

Keep in mind that, the vetting for your summer fling does not have to be as intense though, as it would be for someone you are seeking to be in a more serious relationship with. Look outside of your comfort zone and take a dip in a pool that welcomes some intrigued in your usual personality traits you’re attracted to for your fling; it could make for an eventful summer.

Low-Pressure Zone

The beauty of a summer fling is that it should be low-pressure. That’s the whole point of this whimsical engagement, right? There shouldn’t be any baggage that can often accompany long-term relationships and you get to have all the fun without any heavy emotional consequences. Which all means, you can carry on with your summer goals, keep existing plans, hangout with friends and not have to move your life around too, much to fit in a new relationship. Your fling should be totally copasetic with this.

Experiential Romance

You can treat this fling and any other short-lived dating escapades you have over the summer, like a personal relationship experiment. Regardless, of how fleeting your time together will be, these flings will provide you small inklings into what you are or aren’t looking for in a serious partner. Even if you’re not trying to get serious with your current fling (if you’ve both confirmed your goals this shouldn’t be on the table, unless you both discussed that possibility) they’ll still be a valuable source for your dating life research overall.

Shelf Life To Be Determined

With flings there is a good chance the relationship has its own shelf life and the end date will come naturally; without any bump-in-the-road problems before it’s finale. Especially, re-stressing that if you both discussed your expectations before engaging you’ll have more time to spend on doing things you both enjoy, making summer memories and being present.

Is it Just a Fling or The Real Thing?

Just because you both agreed on the temporary relationship for the summer, does not mean that there can’t be a potential development towards a closer relationship with deeper feelings.  If both of your feelings change, it may be worth revisiting your summer dating “contract,” if you two cannot see spending the post-summer season without each other.