My Hi-Tech Frames

Like many millennials I stare at the computer on a daily basis for hours, so my time had come around again for my yearly optometrist appointment. This year was different, yes the usual pointy laser glaring right into your retina happened, me reading the letters off the exam board; except no dilated pupils (thank God), I didn’t have to walk of there looking like my 85 year-old future self.

My eye doctor, expressed to me that my eyesight had not changed (which was good) and that I had a very early case of dry eye (not so good); which is caused often by staring at ones computer screen for long periods of time. The Blu-ray from the screens we all unfortunately are often tied to, can dry your eyes, which can cause irritation like itching, tired eyes and headaches. Which were some of my symptoms therefore; my doctor prescribed an “express eye kit”, containing Omega 3 Fish Oil pills, dry eye drops, an herbal eye mask I was/am suppose to warm for 20 seconds and then wear for 10 minutes (daily – at night is usually the best time to do so).

This routine which I’ve done for at least a month (now) has helped with, increasing the moisture in my eyes and producing the nature eye oil (yes we have oil in our eyes and it weirded my out, too). By the way, I scheduled another appointment for a check-in in a few weeks to make sure the kit has truly assisted my dry eyes and preventing my doctor from having to do this procedure called…Expressing, its physically pushing my eyelids with moisture to produce eye oil); not even trying to have that be an option.

Along with my eye kit, my doctor suggested I get some tech frames, with a Blu-ray lens that will block the rays from the computer screen. No prescription needed in my lenses and that was all she wrote! I now am the proud owner of these cool Italian made iGreen tortoise and lime green frames with Blu-ray lenses (these were also the same frames that Melissa McCarthy wore in the Ghostbusters reboot) yeah they had me at Ghostbusters, lol. Nevertheless, it actually made me feel so empowered to know that really just having better shield from what we all do in the now very digital world. My frames price point was $ 240.00, and there are many more chic frame options out there, that you can choose from.

Check out some stylish frames to get into now and on your next eye exam be sure to ask you optometrist about Blu-ray lenses that may be all you really need.