Fresh Heritage: Tamira Wells On Reviving an Iconic Brand

As society moves further into the 21st Century, it becomes growingly germane to recount the endless influences of the late 20th—most notably the 90s, having impacted everything from music, style and fashion to the one ‘omniculture’ of the world. It’s irresponsible not to credit the iconic period any time you see school girls in Japan wearing cross colors or guys in Europe blasting Jay Z songs out of their sports cars; is it safe to say that the 90s era that blazed trails for some of the coolest and longest-lasting trends will never truly end? While the validity of such a notion remains uncertain, the unrelenting sway that R&B, Hip-Hop and Alternative (formally known as Grunge) music still have is worth noting, still heavily inspiring current beauty and globally-relatable styles that are seen throughout our daily lives. Interestingly enough, it seems now that many millennials are longing for new days reminiscent of fresh, innovative contributions that provided us with multi-layered music infused with hidden meanings and abstract visuals. Whose responsibility is it to construct this new socially pivotal movement, what could be known as the ‘modern driver’ towards the continued rise of Hip Hop and it’s culture, as we will come to know it for subsequent centuries? We know this much: it’s sure to be one of our Badass Rebels out there! Radiated through the mentioned contributions of the 80s-90s timeframe, only now modernized for the booming millennial market, Hip Hop music and culture is undeniably one if the most prominent influences on Street Style as we know it today. New Heritage is among the most iconic brands from that historic era—one that is truly deserving of its resurrection as well as the sharing of its invaluable story to not only be told, but to be treasured as a monument to an illustrious legacy. Tamira Wells is the envisioning keeper of the family flame and their fashion legacy, to bring forth its impactful success in the burgeoning fashion world once again.

For those who don’t know about New Heritage, please give us little background about your brand and why you decided to reboot it now?

My Aunt Cynthia Belinda Wells and Uncle Rodney Jones, both fashion designers, originally founded New Heritage in 1988. New Heritage was a popular street wear brand in the 90s and known for its graphic design sweat wear, t-shirts and snap hats. The brand showcased appreciation of African American culture and promoted Black Awareness. I decided to re-launch New Heritage to share my family’s legacy.

Will you be reverting back to the original designs or implementing your own designs into the original brand itself?

I will be doing a little bit of both. Using their original images for a while and collaborating with different designers and artists to create new images.

What type of clothing brand is New Heritage?

New Heritage is a Women and Men’s street-wear brand and art collective.

It’s the 21st century, everyone seems to be nostalgic for the 90s; has this notion been an immediate factor in your decision to restart the brand, or is it just a coincidence?

The 1990’s are my favorite era and yes, it is a coincidence because I believe history seems to repeat itself. It feels like the world needs a healthy dose of the early 90s style again—with all that’s going on in the world. All the 90’s television shows have been playing on Netflix and my wheels have been turning. It feels like a good time to restart and continue a legacy that was so positive and is still relevant for today.

If New Heritage was a young woman, what type of woman would she be?

The New Heritage (NH) woman is a creative. The NH woman is inspired by her surroundings, loves abstract art, fashion, traveling abroad, visiting art galleries, and discovering cool underground artists. She’s a leader and embraces all that she is.

Where would you like to see the brand go and/or grow to become?

I would like to eventually create a children’s collection. Though, my main goals are to see the brand grow into the art world by printing the images on canvas and also producing 3D sculptures.

As an independent entrepreneur, do you have any crowdfunding or sourcing in mind?

Not right now, every dollar is coming from my savings… sheesh (Tamira lightly laughs).

What celebrity would like to see wear New Heritage—who is the ideal woman and man, if there is one?

I have a few in mind, but Solange and Pharrell would be ideal celebrities. Their whole steez describes the New Heritage Woman and Man.

When will New Heritage clothing and pieces be available for purchase?

There are t-shirts and limited pieces available for purchase now!

Outside of building your brand, you are also a budding creative and wardrobe consultant. Coming from such a fashionable family legacy, what designers inspire you today?

I am inspired by underground designers like my two really good friends that push me Bishme Cromartie and Michael Ngo.x

Who’s your favorite designer(s)?

Virgil Abloh, KTZ, Public School, Jeremy Scott, Marc Jacobs.

What is the “forever” piece in your wardrobe? That one piece or pieces you cannot live without.

My Aunt Belinda’s Black leather crop motorcycle jacket with the heavy shoulder pads. It’s my favorite and wearing it makes me feel so “Janet Jackson” badass. One piece I can’t live without are my boyfriend jeans.

What’s your favorite beauty product go-to?

MAC Cosmetics Lipstick in Satin.

What trends should we be on the lookout for in 2017?

90s full throttle like Ashley Banks, Hillary Banks (character on Fresh Prince of Bel Air) and shows like Blossom, Sister Sister. Crop tops, tennis skirts, denim vest, colorful asymmetrical shape print blazer jackets, wide legged pants and mules.

What’s your motto to live by?

Be You. Be Creative. BE NEW HERITAGE … and Having Faith Will Lead the Way.

How can we learn more about your brand’s journey?

Follow the New Heritage instagram: @TheNewHeritageBrand and check out the merch on the website:

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