The Spring Effect: Fun With Brows and No Makeup, Makeup!

Spring 2018

The dramatics of spring 2018 beauty trends are ever-present and it can be exciting and intimidating at the same time. Especially, if you want to start slow with color experimentation. There are all types of trends our there from holographic glowing skin to “growing” your own personal flower gardens on your eyebrows. Yes, this too does exist. Not to mention, all the other abundant trends that have bloomed right along with the new spring season. It can be daunting; where do you begin and what will work for you without looking like a caricature of yourself or just way off of your personal makeup mark? It can take a little time and practice but, there is always fun with beauty and why not start off simple and build from there? We decided to start you off with that ideal notion, and make it an easy transition in allowing this spring season to inspire you. Start slow and build up, like with a bold colored brow, while keeping your skin fresh and dewy with a natural glow. Professional makeup artist Bethany Garita gives us some deets on how to achieve this look in a just a few quick steps.

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