The holidays have reigned over us all, now gone again and we’re left with winters daunting chill (well it’s not really that cold here in Los Angeles; though, 51°F degrees is considered winter here 🤷🏽‍♀️) and, some of us may not transition as well with the changing of the weather from balmy to bitter, bone chilling cold. Nor, keep motivated and upbeat as others do so spiritedly. For certain we all are finding it a little harder to maintain a positive outlook, even with the New Year in tow.  Moreover, it doesn’t help that our current political climate is horrid and has become a never ending cycle. I too, have the fear of the unknown apocalypse; dancing around my head nightly which, then makes me agonize over whether or not I watch the news or (insert any fun bubbly movie title here) for that matter.

The holidays and winter blues can occur or happen to the best of us (including me) and there are a few ways I’ve been using to help avoid the sad’s from creeping on in; so, you can enjoy the overall winter season.

NOTE: Our story is for those that may experience light blue feelings or perhaps a little funk you may find yourself in from time to time throughout the holidays and winter season. If you’re feeling a deeper sense of sadness that carries past the winter season and holidays, contact your doctor to discuss your symptoms and learn how you can get help with them.

Lift up your spirit with some glow:

Light therapy, that mimics sunshine can help lift your spirits during the winter months. The light from the therapy boxes is significantly brighter than that of regular light bulbs, and provides different wavelengths. If you sit in front of a light box for about 15 – 20 minutes a day, it can stimulate your body’s circadian rhythms; and, suppress its natural release of melatonin. Light motivates, elevates and could help balance your feels. 

Broad City

 Try some up beat tunes:

1). “Deep Down Body Thurst” by N.E.R.D
2). “Don’t You Worry About a Thing” by Stevie Wonder
3). “Pineapple Skies” by Miguel
4). “A Lovely Day” by Bill Withers
5). “Happy by Pharrell” (cliché?… So what! This song snaps to help all your good vibes get going)

Yes, all five songs are by men, for good reason. Their lower vocal registers are a good way to relax, women naturally have a keen ear for higher voices (like babies, you remember that episode of Big Bang Theory where Sheldon cleaned Penny’s apartment…its so true)!  A joyous song sung at a lower register is perfect sonic relaxer.

 Add Aromatherapy to your evening regiment:

Anything lavender based (like essentials oil drops, candles, spray or the real things (lavender sprigs) will aid in relaxing your mind, senses and prepare you for a better sleep. Which will then aid you in having a better morning rise and overall day.

Get Moving:

Winters equinox is in full affect and moving on a treadmill or whatever is not ideal motivation. Nonetheless, working out will get your blood pumping and endorphins going which can help with uplifting your spirit and perhaps keep unwanted holiday weight gain (that can also add to your blues) off. Even yoga can get your body, mind and soul going through the cold months.

What’s a Sunny Day?

Winter does not mean the sun disappears from sight. The sun still shines bright and it can be a great companion outdoors when you need some natural Vitamin D.  Don’t want to go outside? Stay in no, problem! Just make sure your blinds or curtains are open to get as much sunlight as possible.

Have Your Sleep Regiment on Point:

Having a set scheduled time you lay down on a daily basis will help with getting the proper sleep you need, to keep up your energy and positive outlook.

Turn the TV and/or Internet OFF!

It can be really hard to unplug, in our digital age. Especially, in this current world and state of affairs we are living in. Sometimes I can’t help but turn on MSNBC and watch hours on end, because it’s like a car crash… you can’t look away. Look Away. Find the mental strength to do so, because it’s not good for any of us to be overly and constantly saturated by the political and worldly news of the day. Take some time away from it, turn off the TV, close the internet and power down your phone for at least 30 minutes in the evening.

Meditate, do breathing exercises and read the next chapter of that book, play some mellow holiday music like Ava Maria by Stevie Wonder, some Miles Davis or just sit in silence and start a journal entry. It can truly do wonders for your thought process, your body and spirit.