Warm & Woodsy Scents for Winter 2018

Winter often brings forth different explorations for how to stay warm and cozy, throughout the months of the big chill. While we’re piling on the layers, hats and gloves and yes, even those chunky snow boots—we mustn’t forget about our personal statement, winter scents. Before we all begin to rush towards the warmer season of spring, take some time to enjoy the decadent fragrances of winter. The best of winter scents that make us all want to roll into a big ball of a warm cashmere blanket.

Which is what you’ll get when you take a whiff of these five delicious fragrances that, embody the entire winter season. All containing spicy, woodsy, warm, chic and alluring notes. “Tom Ford’s Black Orchid, has been my official winter signature scent all season long, I love it” said, our EIC Ziggi B. Check out Rebel Muse’s top five winter scents you just have to try this season and thank us later.