BOSCO, “Champagne” Photo: Courtesy of @bosco on Instagram

It’s been over three months since we’ve officially quarantined/sheltered in place, and as many of us have finally adapted to this new world norm, which includes masks, gloves and social distancing. It can be said that if you’re staying home this summer indefinitely, visual stimulation is necessary. There’s always talk now about how the introverts are living their best life and that we should check on our extrovert friends, just the same. How about the creatives in our lives? How are they dealing? I can personally say as a creative, this could be the best time of your life to look for new ways to create and innovate within your artistry.

Much like Fraîche woman, multidisciplinary artist and R&B singer BOSCO who recently hosted a private Zoom party for her most zealot listeners, where she premiered her lasted visual for the song Champagne; off of her EP aptly titled Some Day This Will All Make Sense. Attending the screening party was essential and all the attendees were primed with a french bottle of sweet bubbling champagne to christen her song and merch (a denim bucket hat, champagne flavored dum dum lollipops and a special handwritten note). All carefully curated by Bosco in a moniker tote bag that was hand delivered to each virtual attendee by a team member.

Bosco Private Zoom Party Merch…all that’s missing is the bubbly Champagne by Luc Belaire that our Fraîche fam drank swiftly. Thanks to Bosco and her Team! Photo: Fraîche Media

Bosco has been consistently churning out visuals since the early spring. These vivid teasers that often turn into full length music videos (once she gages the audiences appetite for more which, she expressed during the Zoom party). The event started promptly and she appeared welcoming us all premiering the new clip without any hesitation. The visual was just as fun and flirty as the track itself, and what stood out exquisitely were the beauty looks that referenced New York Doobie hairstyles, Josephine Baker, Sammy Davis Jr. and the Rat Pack. Encompassing the Art Deco era of the 80s, Bosco noted the boldly styled pieces were all apart of her aesthetic approach.

After the premiere ended, we came back to the Zoom party for her live interview with London’s Schön! magazine. During at which she expressed how she has not been super creative and in front of the camera since the pandemic, and announcing her pregnancy “you pull from the same source you pull from creativity, you will pull for motherhood.” Including her elders and personal tribe she’s surrounded by. “It takes a village to create and takes a village to raise a child.” Bosco has been focusing more on visuals from behind the scenes lately and the “Champagne,” video allowed her creative flare for era statements like the MTV 90s insert, the classic movie Flash Dance, the club voguing scenes and “Glam Pop,” to make it playfully artistic and abstract. Music like the Talking Heads – David Byrnes and the cult movie classic Paris is Burning were also used as visual inspiration.

Bosco revealed her past intent to gain more ownership in her career after being previously signed to a indie label. While acknowledging the importance of entrepreneurship she added, “being a young woman, ownership as a creative/label and agency owner comes from having great mentors and leaders…a community of wealth and gratitude.” Mentioning a plethora of directors including Melina Matsoukas (Beyoncé and Queen and Slim), Lacey Duke (directed Bosco’s visual for “Castles”), Spike Lee and Wes Anderson as personal influences in her own creative path. Much of the journey in the production process is editing, “to have something tangible takes so much time, I didn’t understand the power of videos until my previous project,” she asserted. It took a span of three months to edit all the videos and each visual focused on a specific body part along with, “Take Off” (Legs), “Piano Song” (Feet) and “Champagne” (Hands).

It’s no wonder that with each new video installment Bosco continues to solidify her cultivated artistic lane, which is truly all of her own. Watch the Champagne official video below and prepare to groove.