Janet Jackson

Our Flashback Video Vibe of The Week goes to the one and only Janet Jackson! The “Pleasure Principal” was the start of Janet’s emancipation and when she truly came into her own as musically, as a young woman, who would eventually become the icon she is today. Jackson’s overall badass persona and unique style was evident in this visual. Seeing her flex in black denim skinny jeans, knee pads paired with those classic black Adidas Sambas with the white stripe was magic. Jackson effortlessly glides and whips across that warehouse sound stage with physical perfection. She was amazing! Janet Jackson always had such coolness and feminine grace; not to mention, the fresh 80s shag she rocked which could totally be a look for today.

We’re still hunting for the hairstylist who can capture that perfect hairstyle essence. There is truly no one like Ms. Jackson, the reason we even titled our upcoming artists section and all things ultra-vintage, cool and rebel worthy Pleasure Principal, and it truly is. Take a load off, as the week dies down…it’s Friday! Watch our flashback and groove out into this autumn weekend.