Alex Isley photographed by Director Kitty, RM, February 2017

There’s a necessity for sound that matches the vibe of autumn’s rustic chill season. Although, before we tune our radios, smart devices and Sirius channels to holiday music 24/7, Alex Isley has made sure that we are captured by something soulful and autumnally sonic. Her new track “Think of Me,” is the perfect song to pull you into the new season of love, sensuality and hi-Key luxury. Isley’s soft, dreamy vocals are peppered decadently across each verse like alluring clouds.

This is the first single from Alex Isley since her EP The Beauty of Everything, Pt. 2 which, dropped in late spring. Strategically, the new single tethers to Isley’s airy sweet voice we’ve come to enjoy, while blossoming into new-elevated sounds. Together Jack Dine and Alex Isley produced the track and, it provides us a new experience of R&B aural growth. Most likely the direction Isley is headed in for her next musical offerings, to come. Apart of this release Isley expressed via social media that there will be an EP to accompany the new single; set to drop next Friday, November, 15th. Until then take a listen to the song below.