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It’s less than six days from the Election of our lives and just few days from Halloween and if you need a break from “Spooky Season,” to find some mental peace and pleasure away from the world as we know it. Perhaps, new music from a darling Fraîche Woman will take you there. Alex Isley’s unique brand of dreamy pop-soul has become truly unmatched and is a hidden gem that’s not so hidden anymore.  In her new track entitled Mine, Isley evokes the iconic Sade and the early years of Brandy in a mellow twist of decadent pillowy vocals aplenty while, a generous dose of refined power is delivered. As a singer, songwriter and producer she’s able to share an exquisite and soon to be timeless ballad to indulge in forever.

The single is another beautiful collaboration with her producing partner Jack Dine. A musical duo who’s truly becoming a match made in heaven especially, since the release of their first project Wilton. Isley’s music has elevated into an unescapable sonic adventure of hypnotizing poignant lyrics on love and life, with tranquil vocals enveloped in a delicate cloud☁️ sensory of sound. Like the mandatory implemented pastimes this year has us doing, the anticipation of new music from artists has become even more alluring. In order to distract from the often serious moments and much to the hopefulness of her listeners, Alex Isley has hinted at producing a new music project via twitter:

If the art of baking sourdough loafs hasn’t taken over your year then music has truly been the life’s blood, keeping many of us from going completely insane. From cabin fever (if you’re staying home more often than not) for fear of the unknown and yes the 2020 Election. It’s been the salve to life’s current daily societal inflicted wounds and is always welcomed. Take a listen to Isley’s new single below which will obviously be apart our new Midnight Garden Playlist coming in November!