Alex Isley
Courtesy of Alex Isley, @lovealexisley on Instagram

The mistress of dreamy R&B soul Alex Isley, as I’d like to coin her, is back with a new track. The singer/songwriter and producer goes for a deep soulful track entitled “Gone,” she’s co-written and produced with Jack Dine. Keeping it close in the vein of her late 2019 EP Wilton she also co-produced with Jack Dine. This new record moves you forward into a more dramatic story of a search for loves consistency.

The record reverberates a tale of love that seems to come and go all too often and not wanting to be the bearer of its lingering absence. “Make it make sense. Carefree is cool but, not at my expense,” Isley sings with soft bellows of harmonious slow burning ease, an effortless skill she consistently conjures. Creating a balance between how love can have moments of intimate and indulgent emotions while, also enduring turbulent and mysterious circumstances.

“Gone,” provides facets of what being in love can cultivate in a fresh soulful vibe that blends beautifully into what will be a new renaissance of Rhythm and Blues. This may be a teaser of a new complimenting EP or perhaps a full-length album to come from Alex Isley. All of which, presents itself as yet another addition in her growing stylistic dream-soul genre to hopefully come.