Daniel Caesar

Among the emerging leaders of the New School of RnB is Daniel Caesar, the Toronto native in his early 20somethings surfing sound waves around the world with his undeniable talent. Sharing heartfelt submissions to vulnerable love and unwavering faith, today he unveiled his mainstream debut LP, Freudian (2017), featuring his hit single, “Get You,” which debuted on the Billboard Hot 100 chart nearly a month ago peaking at number 16 and picking up steam by the day. Along with two additional singles that are currently charting as well (“Blessed “ & We Find Love” at pos. 48 & 49), the project is slated to produce an impressive tally at the close of the first week sales junction.

More pleasing to listeners than the projected success of a favorite up and coming artist is collaborations with others of the like; there are appearances made by H.E.R. (formerly Gabi Wilson), Kali Uchis, and Syd of The Internet, providing melodious, soulful, electronic…and any other kind of RnB vibe you could imagine well represented on this diverse gem.

Listen to the new album below: